quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2009


Once I've drawn my final painful breath and disfigured any beauty my mind holds of you. This process of pain can be ended elegantly with no distaste no fear of soul decay. I felt betrayed, for so longI cant let go these failures dragged me down - I whither away. I will never forgive or forget: a constant reminder, your lifeless heart on a rope around YOUR neck. A Keepsake from this rusted love.
YOU are falling fast to the ground. I'd bite into your face just to DISFIGURED your eyes. I've discarded so much beauty in a lifetime. I'll stitch YOUR insides to the highest treea keepsake of this rusted love that you wish upon me. - (editado)

Porque da mesma forma que me minha mente trabalhou insistentemente para manter toda a beleza contida em você, ela trabalhou para jogar fora todas as ilusões de beleza que fiz de você.