sábado, 26 de junho de 2010


What is the difference between Heaven and Hell? Aren't they just far places from Earth? Don't they keep you away from me? Maybe both or maybe one cages you in. Between the noise of the falling rain on the fields and the scream on your ear - they're like the same since you're not here. And the days are like nights, and the nights like dawns, nothing seems the same. From breaking down and search a place to lie down, even your smile from the feeling of pleasure and the touch of Heaven. Can you hear me now that I'm almost yelling to you? Or are you busy flying above the blue sky? But I'm just sitting on this same old ground trying to reach your hand in the above. How I wish you were here, so we could maybe talk and not just speak; could stop asking and give some answers and then my voice wouldn't be the only sound. Trading my heroes for ghosts and just hoping to God you come down. Wishing for you to show me more than just fears and regrets; more than memories and your shadow that I can't get. God, how I wish you were here. But tell me: what the difference between Death and a Life without you?